Our history

Ball Rescuer was born by chance. It happened one day when we played the typical paddle tennis game.

One of the unusual companions showed us, taking it very proudly out of his bag, what he called a great invention to never spend money on buying balls again.

But the truth is that such an invention it was actually almost 40 years old..., and besides, it didn't work well.

From that moment, discovering a more effective method became a great obsession.

From that day I "in cahoots" with my friend Jose to create a device that had much better performance. With it we could help thousands of people save money while generating much less waste.

Undoubtedly, we are all capable of turning a simple idea into a real project, personally motivating as well as useful for society.

I'm Gabriel Gaviña. I tell you our story briefly in the video.

Our team

We are:

Paula - It resolves at breakneck speed all the doubts/problems that customers may encounter when using it. 

Jose - Alma mater of the project. Manager of the company and tireless contribution of ideas.

Gabriel - He brings several decades of sports with the "yellow ball" and is behind computer maintenance.

Malex - It makes our pressurizer a little better known on social networks.

Jaime - Key piece in the assembly, logistics / shipping and maintenance of the Ball Rescuer.

The 3 advantages of using Ball Rescuer

If you compare Ball Rescuer to the competition

  • Ball Rescuer is the lightest

    Ball Rescuer is the lightest

    Is he lighter. Our Ball Rescuer pressurizer only weighs 145 grams and you don't even know it's in your bag.

  • Ball Rescuer has the best price  

    Ball Rescuer has the best price

    It is the pressurizer best priceOur price is the best in the market and gives the possibility of having your own Ball Rescuer to any pocket.

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  • Ball Rescuer is the most ecological

    Ball Rescuer is the most ecological

    Is he more ecological, since not only do you throw fewer balls in the trash, you also use the same can of balls that you bought.

Why you need a Ball Rescuer

Ball Rescuer in the news

  • Ball Rescuer in newspapers

    Ball Rescuer in newspapers

    Some newspapers announced at the time the good news for fans of paddle tennis and tennis.

    We could finally save a lot of money on balls!

  • Ball Rescuer in Onda Cero  

    Ball Rescuer in Onda Cero

    Ball Rescuer was the topic of conversation in an interview with Jose Docavo on Onda Cero. You can listen to the interview by clicking on "Video"