Adaptable to containers of 3 and 4 balls


We are always at your disposal


Easy to open and close, light and resistant


Calculate your savings based on what you play


Multiply x 10 the life of your balls

The three advantages of Ball Rescuer

high pressure

Ball Rescuer works at a pressure of 30/35 psi. Valveless screw-in pressurizers that only give 14/16 psi do not work well. In addition, Ball Rescuer has a special button to release pressure before opening, so it does not use the fill valve itself for emptying. It also has a three color indicator.


Ball Rescuer weighs only 150 grams and takes up minimal space in your bag. It is more comfortable and easier to open and close than any other. It adapts to containers of 3 or 4 balls according to your needs, thus minimizing the volume. Check compatibility. It is economical, beautiful and friendly to the environment.

post sale

Ball Rescuer offers personalized advice through our WhatsApp line 7 days a week. All our devices are guaranteed and we vouch for them. In addition, Ball Rescuer is the only pressurizer brand that implements a ball collection plan in the clubs to give them a second useful life.

compatible packaging brands


It is enough to buy a compatible type of container once and use it with any other brand of balls. The same container can be pressurized hundreds of times.

Head - Penn - Softee - Nexus - Six - Viper


Models with 95% compatibility are narrower and to work 100% they have to be increased with twenty or thirty wraps of packing tape below the indentation in the neck of the container.

Dunlop - Slazenger


Packaging currently not supported for security reasons.

Wilson - Artengo - Bullpadel - Babolat - Tecnifibre - Varlion

customer reviews

Extends the useful life of the balls

It is very easy to use. Those who say that they find it complicated, make sure you are following the instructions, which are well explained. The part of the base is put under the can of balls, pulling a little on the opening so that it enters first, it goes up to the metal ring and it is left there. The balls are introduced and it is closed, and pressure is put on with an inflator pump, any one will do, until the sneak is completely green. To open the pressure is released by the button and unscrews, there is no more mystery. And as for whether it works, well yes. Especially with certain brands such as bullpadel or Adidas, with a slightly less head. It gives the balls back their hardness and rebound and you can use them twice as many times without losing qualities. It is well worth it if you play regularly.


A formidable invention and a highly recommended purchase

I have been using the Ball Rescuer for several weeks now and am very satisfied with this product. I am a big fan of padel, and I play 6 days a week. Normally, as we all know, after the 4th game at the latest, the balls must be discarded, not because they deteriorate but because they lose pressure... The Ball Rescuer returns them to their correct pressure in 2-3 days. In my case, I use 2 sets of balls: with one of them I play for 3 days in a row, storing them between matches in the Tennis Ball Saver to minimize the inevitable loss of pressure. And during those 3 days, I take the opportunity to recharge the pressure of the other set of balls with the Ball Rescuer. After those 3 days, I make an exchange of balls: I put to recharge those with which I have been playing, and I use to play the pot of newly recharged pressure balls. And I repeat this every 3 days. The result is that I have been playing for 2-3 weeks with those same 2 cans of balls, and they remain in perfect use as newly opened. Of course you have to end up replacing them with new ones when they deteriorate in the hair, but the money savings are very considerable. It is an investment that pays for itself in a very short time. I don't want to stop valuing their impressive after-sales service, which is unbeatable... Any doubt or problem that has arisen at the beginning, they have solved it immediately by email, wanting to make sure that the unit worked perfectly. I've even had some o-rings replaced, in case I need to replace them later. For me, they are a model of efficiency and good customer service worth following. For all these reasons, obviously, my highest assessment and recommendation of this product.


 Innovative gadget of very good quality

Product function as described in the ad. Normally the balls lasted me 3-4 games and went to the trash, when you discover this contraption, thinking that it would not work, you realize that you can get more out of the balls, now I can last 10-12 games, although they arrive with less hair, but the pot holds up pretty well. An innovative product, 100% recommended!

Arturo Ga

 It really works, the balls are always almost new

If you want to avoid unnecessary spending on balls every week, it is certainly worth every euro it costs, since in just 3 or 4 weeks I have really amortized the expense by avoiding the purchase of new cans of balls. I have been using the same balls for almost a month and a half (once a week on average), and removing some wear from the felt, the rebound is almost perfect, so it fulfills its function perfectly and the same balls can be reused for quite some time.

Very simple to use, I have not detected any loss of air. Of course, it is important to keep the seal of the cap well hydrated with silicone grease, which is what the manufacturer recommends, in this way the wear of the rubber is avoided and it remains well sealed. In my case, I always charge it at maximum pressure, that is, the green indicator at 100%, and I have managed to easily recover balls that have left me with much less bounce than new ones. From one week to another they recovered the boat, so for the price you can not ask for more. If you play once or twice a week at the most, it's definitely worth the purchase.


 Balls like new and the invention is very easy to use (if all instructions are followed!)

At first it was difficult for me to place the flange and start using the pressurizer for not reading the instructions well! I inserted the flange from above instead of from below as indicated in the manual (attached photos). After 5 minutes of frustration, I read the documentation and I had it figured out.
No problem of pressure loss from the can after days of use, it is easy to close and easy to open (with the depressurize button that it seems that the competition does not have).
Pressurizing is very easy with the included pump (in the premium), which has a pressure gauge also out of curiosity. In the manual it indicates not to pressurize too much (always less than 30psi), since the pore of the ball is closed and then they do not swell.
If any ball flattens, you just have to remove pressure and pressurize for a few days at less pressure. It is very likely to get the ball recovered.
Totally recommendable product, easy to use, good results and I am considering buying a second one to have balls recovering in one, while I use the other one for day-to-day balls.