On this page you will find the basic operating instructions for the Ball Rescuer, and some tips for handling and maintenance.

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Ball Rescuer Pressurizer How to use

Here you will find the basic instructions to start using the device to pressurize tubes of tennis balls and paddle Ball Recorder.


How to properly close the Ball Rescuer pressurizer

If you have just purchased a Ball Rescuer pressurizer and want to know the best way to close it, be sure to watch this video.


Maintenance of the sealing gasket. Cleaning and lubrication.

This video shows how to lubricate the gasket. Lubrication is necessary for the joint to last longer and to prevent pressure loss. It is also necessary to lubricate the rubber of the emptying button.


Protocol of maximum efficiency for the pressurization of tennis and paddle balls

In this video we explain how to use the HIGH PRESSURE Ball Rescuer pressurizers to get the best possible performance from your balls depending on the number of games you play a week.

Download instructions in PDF format Ball Rescuer Instructions PDF