Regarding the compatibility of the containers, the first thing we have to say is that for safety reasons there are many brands of ball containers that cannot be pressurized with the clamp that is supplied with the device. Some of these brands are: Wilson, Bullpadel, Babolat, Tecnifibre, Nox, Artengo, Adidas and Varlion, although they are not the only ones.

What all these containers have in common is that the neck is very small. If we had designed the clamp for this type of container, there would be a great risk that when the assembly was pressurized, the clamp would escape and the canister would shoot out at full speed due to the pressure, with the consequent danger that this would entail.

Therefore, the compatible brands are those whose containers have a more pronounced neck, allowing them to be held by the clamp without danger of escaping. These marks are only the following:


They are few, but they are very established and it is relatively easy to get a container that can last you a year or more and store any other brand of balls.

However, to complicate things even more, not all the containers of these brands are pressurizable, that is something that also depends on the diameter of the container body, since it must be such that it allows the clamp to close completely or almost completely (it is admits a maximum opening of 3 mm) when putting the container inside (without the original pressurization seal and without putting on the Ball Rescuer lid).

The good news is that even so there are many models that can be pressurized and you only need to find one each year. Below we detail the packaging models that are best suited. We will be adding models when we test them.

100% compatible

    • Head Padel Pro
    • Head Padel Pro S
    • Head Padel
    • Head CS
    • Radical 4 ball head
    • 3 or 4 ball Head Championship
    • Siux Match
    • Siux Match Pro
    • Penn Coach

Compatible 95%

    • Dunlop Padel Tournament Quality
    • Dunlop Team Padel
    • Dunlop Pro Tour 3 and 4 ball
    • Dunlop Pro Coach 4 balls
    • Dunlop Tour Performance
    • Dunlop Stage 1
    • Slazenger Club Padel
    • Slazenger Championship Hydroguard (3 y 4 bolas)
    • Slazenger Max Padel
    • Slazenger (transparente sin distintivos)
    • Donnay Championship

All these containers are a little narrower and to be 100% compatible it will be necessary to increase the diameter with twenty or thirty turns of packing tape placed just below the indentation in the neck of the container.

Compatible brand models that cannot be pressurized or leak after hours:

    • Dunlop Tour Brilliance. The container body is too narrow and when pressurized it is off center with respect to the flange. To avoid this, wrap insulating tape to thicken the diameter until it fits the flange. Even so, it will be difficult to pressurize, better to choose another model.
    • Dunlop Pro Padel. It can be pressurized but it usually presents pressure losses.
    • Head Padel Pro. Wide containers cannot be pressurized, it can be measured with the flange before buying it.

1 y 2 - Coloca la abrazadera y deslízala hacia arriba

Introduce la abrazadera por la parte inferior del envase y depués súbela hasta que choque con el aro metálico.

3 y 4 - Introduce las bolas e hincha el envase con la bomba

Coloca las pelotas dentro del envase y enrosca la tapa con fuerza. Usa el inflador para aumentar la presión del envase hasta el nivel adecuado.

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    Incluye instrucciones de presurización y resolución de problemas comunes.

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