Pádel: un deporte en crecimiento

Padel: a growing sport

In May of this year (2022), the study was published Global Fall Report in which statistical data on the growth of paddle tennis in Europe during the last 5 years were reflected (2016-2021).

The information was compiled and analyzed by an internationally renowned consulting firm, Monitor Deloitte, together with the leading racket sports platform, Playtomic.

Relevant aspects about the growth of Padel

1. Construction of tracks/clubs

The flowering that the padel exhibited in this aspect could be considered one of the most notorious. According to statistics, in 2016, the European territory had 10,151 paddle tennis courts and 2,801 clubs. Five years later (2021) they were counted 26,314 tracks and 7,869 clubs.

In this sense, it is noteworthy to mention a quite interesting phenomenon that happened during the pandemic (2020-2021). For this time, the opening of 98 tracks and 29 clubs per week was recorded. 

2. Large-scale investments

The countries that actively contributed to the explosive expansion of padel in Europe were Spain, Italy, Sweden, France, Portugal, Finland and Belgium.

Of all these, spain ranks first, with the more tracks and clubs paddle tennis. However, in terms of investment it is surpassed by Italy Y Sweden, since, unlike Spain that had been cultivating paddle tennis for more than a decade.

Italy and Sweden, experienced explosive growth in both infrastructure and players in a short period of time (2 years). In this sense, the investment of both countries reached 80 million euros, at the same time that the line of growth of padel in those countries was located in the 374% Y 388%. 

3. Digital feature

The experts who carried out the report affirmed that the fact that padel matches can be coordinated through an app generated a social phenomenon.

Participants can reserve courts, record personal statistics, access events and matches that need players. Through the data, the players were able to meet with others of their same level, without the need to know each other. Consequently, the game began to be perceived as a super friendly, social, easy to learn, and fun sporting activity.   

About the future of padel

Taking into account the data and the way in which the paddle market has developed, it is estimated that it will continue to flourish. The study itself, predicted investments that would reach 1,000 million euros and a count of 67,000 tracks, in the next 4 years.

Added to this forecast are aspects of sport that are attractive to investors. In other words, paddle tennis courts can be considered compact compared to other pitches. Like, for example: a tennis court, a basketball court or a soccer field. Therefore, the costs for the construction of paddle tennis courts turn out to be more profitable.

In conclusion, the future of paddle tennis seems to continue to be a positive and fruitful growth... therefore our ball pressurizer Ball Rescuer will always be your best ally.

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