Inflado del presurizador de pelotas

Ball Rescuer, light and resistant padel and tennis ball pressurizer

Ball Rescuer is the lightest and most resistant padel ball pressurizer on the market

Talking about a ball pressurizer takes us directly to that container that, through technology together with the implements it applies, is capable of returning pressure to the balls that are inside it.

There are various ball pressurizers on the market. But there is one in particular that will surely fascinate you. This is the Ball Rescuer.

What is the Ball Rescuer?

It is, as we recently mentioned, an excellent ball pressurizer that is characterized by its composition, since it is created by two bodies made of plastic material, with the great peculiarity that they are threaded in an original ball container.

Lid content

Especially the lid is one of the most significant parts of the Ball Rescuer pressurizer because it includes the following parts:

1. Valve: specifically there are two. The first one is for air filling, while the second one works to install the pressure gauge.

2. Empty button: its role is to eliminate the pressure before proceeding to open the container without any difficulty.

3. O-ring: The role of the O-ring is renowned, as it leads to the pressurization of a wide variety of available containers.

4. Flange: part that allows the container to be screwed to the lid and then to the pressurized one. This is achieved because the flange is attached to the container.

How to use Ball Rescuer?

To make it easier for you on the correct way to use this ball pressurizer, although it is very easy, here is a brief procedure that will allow you to use the Ball Rescuer properly.

· Begin by making sure the pressure gauge is placed on the valve on the right side of the lid. Then choose a container of 3-4 tennis balls (compatible) and remove the plastic material that covers it; Place the container on the flange with the thread facing up and press down on the can holding the flange.

· After the previous steps, raise the bridle until it makes contact with the metal ring of the mouth and start placing the balls. Close very well but at the same time very carefully the lid with the thread.

· Next, remove the protective cover from the inflation pump and place the pump on the central valve and then raise the adjustment lever that is at the top of the pump mouth.

· Finally, inflate as much as necessary to get the pressure you want, taking the pressure gauge as a reference.

Do not forget that once you want to open the container, you must remove the pressure using the empty button.

If you have any questions, you can refer to the instruction manual that is included with the Ball Rescuer pressurizer.

Correct method of pressurizing balls with the Ball Rescuer

The proper pressure level to reset the balls, in effect, is the highest pressure you can apply without the balls collapsing

Certainly there are two factors that you must take into account since they directly influence the collapse of the balls. They are the brand and the time of use. To determine both factors, ideally remove the plastic coating from the container. This way you will have a better view. Then put pressure on the first ball that shrinks.

Once you see the ball contracted, reduce the pressure. This decrease ends when it regains its shape. Finally you will have to increase the pressure again. However, this time you should not crush it.

Advantages of having a Ball Rescuer ball pressurizer

You always have to have reasons to select a product, and even more so if it is a ball pressurizer.

In this sense, analyze and then see for yourself the benefits that a Ball Rescuer pressurizer can offer you:

  • Simplicity when using it.
  • High deposit capacity. It has the power to store not three but four balls at the same time and under pressure reaching 35 psi.
  • Adaptation to multiple brands of containers that are 3 or 4 balls.
  • Wide durability.
  • Restoration of balls that are depressurized. However, it is only with those that are not chopped.
  • No need to grease the seal.
  • Contribution to the conservation of the environment by saving the raw material with which the balls are manufactured.
  • Inclusion of the steps to follow for pressurization.
  • Light and resistant product



Hi William, it typically takes 1 or 2 days to get the correct pressure once again. But it depends on how many matches already they have, brand, humidity at the time you put them back in the Ball Rescuer etc.

William Berrington

Typically how long does it take to reach max pressure?

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